Swiss Real Estate Return on Investment Calculator

A quick calculator to get the return on investment of an real estate object in Switzerland based on purchase price and rental income.

Descriptions Values Notes
Price of the property CHF Buying price, without notary fees.
Buying fees in % of property price % (- CHF) Fees such as notary fees, act of purchase, transfer duties, etc. more infos
Down payment in % of purchase price % 20% is the minimum (2022).
Down payment - CHF Down payment to obtain a mortgage. This is considered the investment value for further calculations.
Mortgage - CHF What the bank lends you.
Net monthly rental return CHF Estimation of the net monthly rental return.
Net yearly rental return - CHF Amount of rent net on a year.
Gross return on investment - % Expressed in percent of down payment
Operating expenses in % of purchase price % (- CHF) Property insurance, maintenance, depreciation,
administration, vacancy, etc.
Return after operating expenses - % Expressed in percent of down payment
Interest of mortgage % (- CHF) Secured interest with the bank
Charge of interest in % of down payment - %
Net return after interest payments - % Expressed in percent of down payment
Property tax in ‰ of property price ‰ (- CHF) This tax depends on the canton, or even the commune. E.g. (VD: 1,5‰, NE: 2,4‰)
ZH, SZ, GL, ZG, SO, BL et AG take no property taxes. More infos
Taxable rental return - CHF
I will live here
The net yearly rental return - (interest + 10% of rental value). If you live in your own property the taxable rental value might be further reduced (~70% of real). More infos
Taxes on rental return % (- CHF) Enter here your estimated revenue taxes.
Net return - % Expressed in percent of down payment.
Yearly speculative capital appreciation in % of purchase price % (- CHF) Based on historical Real Residential Property Prices. Based on Residential Property Prices (not CPI adjusted) this value is closer to 3.5%
Net return with capital appreciation - % Expressed in percent of down payment.

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