DeckHand — A Pirate Deck Builder Game

DeckHand in Short

Embark on a thrilling pirate adventure for 2 to 4 players, igniting your deck-building creativity!

Assemble a Formidable Deck

Craft a unique deck from 63 different cards. Prepare for a dynamic experience that hinges on the board state, your strategic choices, and thrilling interactions.

Easy Setup & Portable

Swift setup with no additional game components – just cards! Grasp the rules in less than 3 minutes and immerse yourself in the action whether at home or on the go!

Short Games, Big Impact

A 2-player game typically lasts 30 minutes, striking a balance between accessible rules for casual gamers and engaging decisions for strategy enthusiasts.

No Tracking of Life Points

No complex tracking mechanics! DeckHand focuses on a streamlined experience where you count your victory points at the end.

Each Card Matters

Every 63 cards in DeckHand has a unique effect, adding excitement and unpredictability to each playthrough.

Turn Luck to Your Advantage

Cleverly push your luck, turning dire situations into victories, or strategically favoring probability for long-term success.


The Kickstarter ended the 13th of November 2023.
Language: First Edition in English 🇬🇧,
Print at Home in English 🇬🇧, French 🇫🇷 and Spanish 🇪🇸.

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Or €5 for the print at home version.
Pre order for second edition
Kickstarter for the first edition (completed)

Crew Expansion Free

This expansion comprises 12 new Crew cards that can be enlisted to accompany you on your seafaring escapades. Now, during your turn, you can discreetly hire a Crew member. Once revealed, your Crew will offer you one of their special skills every turn. In addition, 5 new base cards have been added for a little extra spice. This is all on free access in Print and Play format.

How To Play the Crew Expansion

Gameplay Preview

In DeckHand, players take turns accumulating gold coins and purchasing new cards to enhance their decks and increase their power. Competing against opponents, you'll aim to acquire the most valuable cards, strategically building synergies and thwarting your opponents' plans. Speed is of the essence as you strive to execute your strategy before your opponents, all while racing against the clock to achieve victory.

In order to get a sense of what to expect in DeckHand, explore a subset of the 63 cards showcasing intriguing facets of the game.

If you'd like to delve deeper into DeckHand's game play, explore our How To Play page.


This serves as an illustrative board state for a single player. It's essential that each player organizes their stash/discard pile in a visually clear and easily readable manner.

Understanding the Rules

DeckHand rules have been designed to be minimal so you can pick up the game in no time, with the complexity shifted on the cards themselves. Additionally, players are provided with helper cards for assistance.

Solo Challenges

Explore the game in Solo! Sharpen your skills and knowledge of the cards while taking on these challenges individually.

Victory Beast Solo Challenge

Aim to finish the game with at least 32 victory points.

Attack Freak Solo Challenge

Aim to finish the game with at least 26 victory points and at least 9 Attacks.

Architect Solo Challenge

Aim to finish the game with at least 27 victory points and at least 8 Structures.

DeckHand's Box Content

We aim for the very best quality print. Our cards are poker sized cards (MtG) with a matt surface. All card illustrations were created by the game author with the assistance of AI tools.

Production Details

Playtesters credits

Crooked Merchant
Useless Totem

Batiste Bieler | 2023 | Box illustration | Card illustrations | Icons by Delapouite